Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Passing the Buck

Obama shouldn't pass the buck as much as he does, but both sides do it:
Dear Fellow State Employee:
I want to personally thank you again for your hard work effort serving the
people of the Commonwealth, especially over the course of my 7 weeks in office.
... [O]ver the last several years before I became Governor the state work force
experienced a reduction of 1,651 positions, with an additional 664 recommended
layoffs in the new biennial budget introduced by Governor Kaine. When I took
office, I was faced with a $2.1 billion budget deficit. ...
Robert F. McDonnell

That was a form letter sent to all state employees. I don't blame him for not mentioning the public primary and secondary schools that will be closing in rural Virginia, or spending millions to re-open several seldom-used highway reststops statewide. But the bigger point here is that I don't expect to hear John Boehner or Mitch McConnell to call him out for passing the buck to his predecessor (a democrat, incidentally). And, if you think I'm being harsh, I left out the part where he blamed bad snowstorms (oops, coulen't resist).

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