Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Business in China (Economist) and government in India (Economist)

Liberal Media Bias

I've blogged about this before, and it seems at first the answer was yes. Is it more complicated? A new Vox post suggests that on average it is 'liberal' but not much moreso on average than the average citizen. Furthermore, it appears (from print media) that the bias is more leftward on social issues, and more rightward on economic issues.

Some links on jobs and macro

Denser cities? (Ryan Avent OpEd for NYT)
Free Exchange on Cowen's Austrian predictions in 2005. Apparently he predicted a crisis, but not the one we got. (Noriel Roubini predicted the same crisis using more Keynesian principles!)
GDP and GDI: Which is the better measure? They should be roughly the same, with the difference being "statistical discrepancy". Basically, it's a difference that comes from differences in sample collection: firms versus households. For some reason, GDI seems to pick up turning points in the business cycle better. (links here, here, and here) Bottom line: things are still bad, but not as bad as we thought, maybe.
Some thoughts on the CPI: How important is health care? (Econbrowser)
How much does growth trickle down? (Economix)
The ethics of unemployment. (Freakonomics)