Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Links: The Census, Online Gambling, and College Consumerism

The census: Not just enabling taxation anymore (Economist)
Online gambling: End prohibition, begin regulating it... and taxing it (Economist)
Trade: (1) Freight costs on the decline (Economist); (2) should we fear offshoring? (Economist) A couple of good sentences (in response to a claim that the US will have "little left in the comparative advantage department"):
The idea underlying comparative advantage is that a country always has one. The brilliance of the theory is that even when one nation is better at every last type of economic activity than another, it will still be advantageous for both nations to produce and trade. China isn't going to do everything.

Supersize me, Wal-Mart (Working paper)
Taxing "capital" - the devil is in the details (Economix)
Climate Change Reform (Economist)
The old joke is true: Colleges are becoming bars with a $100,000 cover charge - the country-clubification of colleges. (NY Times)