Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some Links (on Migration)

Russian Immigration Reform (RiaNovosti)
Is Russia the second-largest remittance sender? (PeopleMove)
Immigraion reform on both sides of the pond (PeopleMove)
Might the Arizona debacle do some good by being so bad? (Economist)
Internal Migration restrictions in China (Economist)

Some Links, Featuring Conservatives for Higher Taxes, and Evil Cul-de-Sacs

Conservatives for Higher Taxes (Economix)
Cul-de-Sacs may not be evil but they are inefficient (Infrastruturist)
Facebook's progression of suckiness over the years (AllFacebook)
Awesome Dinosaur shirt for kids
Which type of cognitive bias are you? (via Freakonomics)
No Reservations (more here)
Gas tax or hybrid subsidies? Free Exchange makes economic sense of why a gas tax is better for the environment.