Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More links, including more grade inflation and granger causation for hangover searches

A confession (here), grades for sale (here), and what my office is going to be like in about a week or so (here).
Searches for "mixed drinks" empirically cause searches for "hangovers" on google (HT to Hal Varian, here).
Yuan-na revalue? (Ouch! here)
5 private sector bureaucrats per doctor (here)
Should I rent or should I buy? (here)
Five cool graphs, in case you wonder why fuel efficiency hasn't improved (read: don't blame producers, here)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Some links, Old news, but things I might still bring up in teaching

Self-hating Austrian Economists (here, here, and here)

Potonomics (Ok, probably won't come up in class, but here)

Are government salaries really that relevant? (here)

Broken windows, or broken record? (here) Seriously. Austrian wannabes really need to find a new argument. Broken windows doesn't necessarily apply to every form of government spending, and with the environment, a subsidy to change over might be better for society in resolving the externality - as long as we price/tax future damage appropriately.

Cartel enforcement does decline when prices are high. Go figure. (here)

Will your house appreciate? (here) Maybe, but as I've said through the whole thing, a house's value is in what you use it for.

Houses pay hefty dividends to their owners in the form of living space — that’s
the real return on housing investment

And finally, more on curbing grade inflation (here)