Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Equal Time for Stupid Democrats

I just want to take a moment to call out the Democrats on Iraq, because they're not any smarter when it comes to making logical arguments about their positions on Iraq than those other guys. Every time a democrat argues that we should get out because we should have never gone in to begin with s/he is making the same fallacy in judgement as the Republicans who say we should stay there because we did decide to go. The decision to have gone in the first place is a foregone conclusion, and all of these twits need to learn from the past without re-arguing it. No decision about how best to proceed should be based on anything other than weighing the present and future gains to our National and global security against the marginal consequences and costs of those proposals.


  1. CresceNet19/9/07 13:43

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  2. Razack, J.C.24/9/07 20:18

    stick it to 'em Maj. Bang