Thursday, July 31, 2008

Big Bang in the Small Town News

Several of my own comments were published this week in the Lexington News-Gazette. While the New York Times makes its online content available mostly for free, the Lexington paper requires online readers to pay for access. Some of my dear friends would probably think this is wholly appropriate based on their own perceptions of quality (see my post from earlier today on media bias). Here is a link to my full thoughts that I sent the author via email.

I have to say he did a great job of pulling together my thoughts and the thoughts of a colleague at W&L and (surprise!) two independently-interviewed economists mostly agreed on the basic issues. When I spoke to the journalist over the phone, I got tricked into saying something about the Bush Tax Cuts, which I commented on in the context of the need to more budgetary discipline - if you want to spend money to fight wars you've got to ask the public to make a sacrifice to pay for it.

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