Tuesday, July 8, 2008

RE less than C

It's all about the costs. The key reason renewable energy hasn't hit yet is not feasibility or technology, it's cost. Biofuels ("chemurgies") have been in production since the 30s by Henry Ford. But, The whole key is that it 'R'-enewable 'E'-nergy's cost be less than 'C'-oal's, RE<C. Now, it turns out that wind might be meeting that condition - IF coal's emissions are priced according to current UN recommendations. Right now coal costs about $0.05 per kilowatt; wind costs $0.08. With the carbon dioxide cost of $30 per ton, coal's total cost would be about $0.08.

Please, recognize that a credit to wind to bring its cost DOWN to 0.05/kw would not be equivalent. It would push down the net cost of consuming all energy, including coal-based sources, and would not achieve the dual objective of finding new energies and reducing total emissions now.

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