Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Better Living through Torture, Tax Evasion and Antidepressants

I don't know what Peggy Noonan was on last Sunday to take a cavalier attitude towards torture, but it must be good stuff. SHARE! I respect the fact that she's trying to be civil about opposing the release of the memos, but you can at least make a logical argument, still be civil, and not play fear politics.

And George will knows darn good and well this tea party crap was about taxes, but he can't say with any credibility that taxes are less fair now than they were last year, because they really aren't. In fact, he's probably rich enough that even though his taxes would be a tad higher, he'd never know it if he didn't ask his tax accountant.

Linked here, FWD to about 3/4 through.

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