Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Health Care Quality is Better in the US

According to Becker, who cites enough careful research for it to be believable. There might be some bias in the choice of which diseases to study, and how the empirics of those studies are conducted, but I'm pretty convinced. But then, Becker does a cocktail-napkin calculation of a year of life versus the cost of 'providing' it through high-quality care. I don't think he really uses realistic numbers, and I certainly don't think he compares the quality of life well by not considering the number and value of years that would be provided to younger adult uninsured Americans to the number and value of years that are already being publically 'provided' through Medicare (or other uses of those public dollars). Of course, it would be easy to say how crass it is to think about it this way, but a health insurance bureaucrat already does, for profit.

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