Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Economists' Views

Things Economists Agree on according to this article:
Agree Strongly Agree
NeutralDisagree Strongly Disagree
Hetero-geneity Index
The U.S. should allow payments to organ donors
A Wal-Mart store generates more benefits than costs.14.60%13.10%72.30%0.5612
Employers should be rq'd to provide all employees health insurance71.70%7.90%20.40%0.5619
The U.S. should ban genetically modified crops.
The U.S. should eliminate remaining barriers to trade.9.80%6.80%83.30%0.7081
Economic growth in developed countries increases well-being2.30%9.80%87.80%0.7810

What they don't agree on:
Sarbanes-Oxley should be repealed.
U.S. should eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. 38.00%16.30%45.70%0.3798
U.S. should increase benefits to workers who lose jobs due to int'l comp.
Health insurance benefits should be taxed the same as income. 44.50%13.50%42.10%0.3935
The U.S. should place more stringent caps on medical malpractice awards.32.10%16.40%51.60%0.3962
States should eliminate mandates about what health insurance must cover. 45.60%12.00%42.40%0.4021

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