Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just for Grins

Turns out...
Although southerners rebelled against growing centralization of the federal government, they had no qualms about establishing a strong national state of their own.  Scholars have classified the Confederate central government as a form of "war socialism."  The Confederacy owned key industries, regulated prices and wages, and instituted the most far-reaching draft in North American history.  The Confederacy employed some 70,000 civilians in a massive (if poorly coordinated) bureaucracy that included thousands of tax assessors, tax collectors, and conscription agents.
- John Majewski, Modernizing a slave economy: The economic vision of the Confederate Nation.
Folks around here celebrate "Lee-Jackson Day" (which, ironically, is the same day as the rest of the country celebrated MLK Day), call the Civil War "The War of Northern Aggression," and proudly fly the Stars 'n Bars.
So.... I guess it isn't about less government vs. more government, more about government my way or the highway.
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