Saturday, December 4, 2010

Some Links: Sometimes, kids will cooperate.

Careful how you try to introduce game theory to your kids. They may seem competitive with each other, but they will cooperate against a common foe. (Marginal Revolution)
Bill Easterly on the new Human Development Indicators: "The HDR addressed [a criticism of the previous human development indicators] by making the problem much worse. Previously we were all whining about differences in the value of life of 70 times between rich and poor – now it’s a differential of 17,000 to one. Sorry, Zimbabweans, UNDP thinks your lives are worth 50 cents. (Aidwatchers)
Lotteries don't have to have a negative sum for their participants. (Freakonomics)
Bayesian Bees. The author suggests 5 lessons we could learn from bees. Here are two:
1. Minimise the leader's influence on the group. Here we humans have much to learn.
2. Seek diverse solutions to the problem. Humans realised only recently that diversity is good for a group.
(Marginal Revolution)

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