Friday, July 20, 2012


PAC spending in the last week:

CommitteeEntire Cycle TotalLast Week TotalLast 24 Hours TotalSupportedOpposedSuper PAC
Republican National Cmte (R)$9,485,456$9,485,456$0$0$9,485,456
Priorities USA Action (D)$14,900,294$1,244,192$0$0$14,900,294x
Restore America's Voice PAC (R)$582,952$111,900$0$0$582,952x
America's Next Generation(R)$106,500$42,500$0$0$106,500x (D)$367,171$33,552$0$5,400$361,771
National Rifle Assn (R)$110,952$31,459$0$0$110,952
National Right to Life Victory Fund (R)$163,260$6,786$0$0$163,260x
Candidate money spent last week:

CandidateEntire Cycle TotalLast Week TotalLast 24 Hours TotalSupportedOpposed
Obama, Barack (D)$27,761,536$9,678,101$0$2,852,327$21,064,674
Romney, Mitt (R)$32,603,333$1,277,744$0$7,285,760$25,161,173

I added rough party affiliations for the PACs, but it's worth noting that spent some money in opposition to a democratic candidate for the House of Representatives.
Notice more generally how the money is all piling into the "opposed" column. Source:

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