Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some links, featuring abortion-reducing universal coverage, and deferred benefits payments in Virginia

Free health care = fewer abortions, according to Cardinal Hume (Economix)
Virginia slashes public services, including an agreement "to defer $620 million in contributions to the state pension system over the next two years." Does that mean I should worry about my 403(b)? Or, does it mean that bankers don't have to pay their bills, the state doesn't have to pay its bills, so I don't have to pay my bills? (
Microinsurance (The Economist)
China's hidden debt (The Economist)
Blogonomics (Economist's View)
National Security argument for amicable trade with China (Free Exchange)
Germany's trade surplus - somehow not as controversial as China's (Free Exchange)
If radical free market ideas can't win in the free market of ideas, use government intervention to push them on students (Economist's View)
Hardest logic puzzle ever? (FT)

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