Monday, March 15, 2010

Some links, with doublespeak and not-so-evil government time regulation

Republican Double-Speak on Abortion: They were against it before they were for it.
Libertarian Alex Tabarrok would probably oppose daylight savings if proposed today; since we have it, he admits that it works, and he likes it. I wonder how many other government intrusions he feels similarly about? (Public education, o ye of public university employment?)
On a less thoughtful note - PM at Market Power thinks collecting sales taxes on actual sales is destroying activity - a keener observation would be that tax differentials and discriminatory taxes shift economic activity from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. (Another anti government curmudgin employed by a public university btw.)
Chinese stimulus. Shit, there's another thing they might be doing better than us (note that China is already well into its recovery).
Is the Yuan still actually undervalued? (Menzie Chinn)
More on Yuan-bashing from the Economist. (Free Exchange)
Some thoughts on durables and world trade (Menzie Chinn)
Modernizing Russia - Do they need Democracy? (The Economist thinks so, sorta - I don't, but I agree that they do need to reign in corruption)
From microcredit to microsavings (The Economist)

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